Tonal Drawing & Painting
Tonal Drawing & Painting


TUTOR: Andrew Barns-Graham


Thursday 13, 20 July, 10am - 1pm

This two day workshop is a structured drawing and painting class, primarily focused on drawing using a variety of pencils, charcoals and paint on paper.

We will look at still life subject matter with concerns to tone, contrast, light, shadow and texture.

Open to all levels of painting experience.

Materials required: Pencils, rubber, charcoals, paints, brushes, 10 sheets of A3 (some gessoed)



Andrew Barns-Graham is a full-time practicing artist and a graduate of Elam school of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. Andrew shows regularly at Sanderson Gallery. A Wallace Art Award finalist and artist in residence at Kings College, his work has been featured in many publications including "New Zealand's favourite painters". As a specialist in acrylic painting, his own work explores the human form. Working initially from photography allows Andrew time to edit and recompose the image, ultimately amplifying and simplifying elements. The result is the hard edged, flat and antigestural style for which he is known

To view Andrew Barns-Graham's work visit Sanderson Contemporary Gallery


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