Nanette Cameron: Interior Design Legend
Nanette Cameron: Interior Design Legend
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Nanette Cameron: Interior Design Legend is a richly illustrated, 128 page book that accompanies the exhibition Nanette Cameron: Objectspace Master of Craft.

Using images from the 1960s to the present and text the book explores three particular aspects of Nanette Cameron’s distinguished career in interior design. It also looks at her inspirational teaching and broad influence across a range of fields of art and design, her work as a writer and stylist and her own design practice as evidenced at her renowned Glenmore Road former residence.

Nanette Cameron: Interior Design Legend includes an essay by Dr Rachel Carley that assesses Nanette Cameron’s role in the development on interior design and her significance in related areas of architecture and art with a substantial interview with Nanette by designer Katie Lockhart, one of the project’s curators. Nanette Cameron herself has written My Life in Design as well as an account of her choices for The Blue Room, which is the centrepiece of the Objectspace exhibition.  

The publication is designed by leading designers Osbourne Shiwan (Lloyd Osborne and Shabnam Shiwan) who have devised a ‘Nanette’ typeface for the book. The design of the book gives form to Rachel Carley’s observation that Nanette's “contribution to a constellation of creative practices over a 47 plus year career is substantial”. 

Images courtesy of Osborne Shiwan


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