Developing Art Skills: 8-12 years
Developing Art Skills: 8-12 years

These classes are conducted in a fun-filled environment where students will learn a variety of creative processes. This class will encourage students to engage with different materials that will then broaden their understanding of art-making. 

Developing Art Skills is also for children who love and are serious about drawing and painting.  They will learn different art techniques and use various types of drawing paper and canvas. 

Each tutor designs their own programme for the term catered specifically for the 8-12 age range and the activities change each term with many students returning to these classes term after term.

Class Tutor Starts Runs Cost
Monday, 3.30-5pm Olive Breach 22 July 2019 10 weeks $130.00
Tuesday, 3.30-5pm Olive Breach 23 July 2019 10 weeks $130.00
Wednesday, 4-5.30pm Sarah Walker Holt 24 July 2019 8 weeks $104.00
Saturday, 10.30am-12pm Caitlyn Manning 27 July 2019 10 weeks $130.00


Caitlyn Manning
Caitlyn is a practising artist with a focus on painting. With no preconceived image or outcome in mind, she is interested in entering into an explorative relationship with the painted surface using unconventional tools. Caitlyn holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and is currently undergoing Post-Graduate study at Auckland University of Technology to further her creative practice. 

Sarah Walker-Holt
Sarah Walker-Holt is a full time visual artist with a BVA from Auckland University. She is well renowned for her complex 3 dimensional compositions as an artist and jeweller and is represented by Fingers Gallery. Sarah exhibits nationally and internationally and is an experienced art tutor and mentor that is passionate about helping students find their own visual voice.

Olive Breach
Olive is a local artist who loves the special qualities clay provides as an artistic medium in her art practice. For the past two years Olive has enjoyed teaching children in the after school art programme (clay making, print making, drawing and painting) at a local intermediate school.